Our gemstones are sourced directly from the mines and hand picked by experts from our Parent company, Makhni Enterprises ( We use our parent company’s extensive knowledge and relationships with domestic and international miners to get priority on stocking even the rarest stones. We preserve the brilliance and purity of each stone so the stones hold eternal value before being set into a piece of Jewelled art. Access to such vast range of gemstones in house, enable us to cut the process of middleman and allow us to provide best prices.

Cutting  & Polishing

Cutting and polishing Diamonds & Gemstones requires  imagination, intense precision and exceptional skill which are all bestowed in the gem cutter experts in our factory. They work to form perfect synchrony between colours, geometric designs and delicate workmanship.

Designing & Setting

Designing is done in distinctive style by our talented and GIA certified in-house designers , who combine enduring elegance with the era of contemporary and classic. Each expert then works meticulously to set every single stone with virtuoso craftsmanship to make our hand made pieces of art.

 We are proud to claim a 100% satisfaction from our customers, and it is our priority to maintain it for today’s connoisseur of lustrous jewelry.